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Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that stimulates the energy of the chakras. Reiki energy healing is based on the idea that we all have energy fields in our bodies that keep us active, motivated, and spirited. When these life force energies are stimulated in the right way, they empower us, distress us, and help us focus on what really matters. The correct form of energy is said to nourish and support the body's organs and cells, as well as their vital functions. Reiki healing is performed by skilled and knowledgeable Reiki practitioners with the sole purpose of promoting good health and life balance.

Reiki healing is a 20th-century alternative health approach that has influenced the lives of millions of people and continues to do so even as the world evolves.

As your well-wisher, we at Astroliv assist you in finding peace by introducing you to the hows and wows of Reiki healing. Our online astrology consultation will help you realign your energy across a variety of domains, including love, relationship, health, career, property, and many others, using Reiki and other healing techniques.


  1. Seven Chakras Healing - There are seven chakras in the human body- Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Reiki healing can help in balancing the chakras.
  2. Career Healing - We are often worried about our career and that stress can be counterproductive. To get rid of this is very crucial for progress. Reiki Healing can help one deal with this problem.
  3. Relationship Healing - A healthy relationship can ensure happiness and joy. Reiki healing can help in maintaining a healthy relationship as it will ensure consistent and unflocked flow of energy in the body. This will prevent irritation and anger and keep the mind calm.
  4. Legal Matters Healing - This type of healing can be very helpful in turning the court cases in your favour. Reiki healing will help in dealing with all the negative energies and will bring positive energy to facilitate good things.
  5. Childbirth Healing - Reiki can help in dealing with the anxiety and depression faced after delivery. It will be beneficial for both child and mother.
  6. Physical Healing - Reiki helps to promote healing as well as overall well-being and can be used to treat any illness. Pain is frequently reduced, and the healing process is accelerated. It is completely risk-free, with no warnings or contraindications.


If you're wondering how Reiki healing works, it's just like any other spiritual practices: it's based on a set of principles. For example, if you are angry about someone else's behaviour toward you, you may believe that your anger is a result of their wrongdoing, but a Reiki healer can help you understand that anger is simply an internal act. We are frequently enraged by the actions of our loved ones, as they are the ones closest to us and thus have the most influence over our actions. However, we are aware that becoming enraged with them will only harm our relationship with them. Reiki healing, on the other hand, aims to assist you in overcoming your negative anger issues. It encourages you to recognise and control your reaction to any situation. This not only helps you make better life decisions, but it also helps you strengthen your mental prospects by allowing you to ignore what doesn't really serve a purpose in your life. So, you can search for online jyotish on Astroliv to get an experience of it.

We have a tendency to be preoccupied with what might happen to us in the future when we should be concentrating on the present. Our reiki healing practitioners tell us that thinking about the unknown future only stimulates negative thoughts and reduces productivity. Such thoughts stress you out, and the result is a failure to deal with what you already have on your plate. Meanwhile, if you ever come across a Reiki healing expert who has such thoughts, they will encourage life force flow within the physical body through chakra pathways, allowing you to let go of the negative thoughts. And once you're free of such thoughts, you'll be able to focus on being your most productive self.


Reiki Healing does not, in fact, cure any illness in the body, but it does empower you to fight these illnesses. Many studies have shown that participating in a Reiki healing session can help with fatigue, anxiety, depression, and anything else that affects various aspects of life such as love, health, and work.

So, if you're interested in learning more about Reiki healing as a beginner, you should first learn what it is and what happens during a Reiki healing session.

A Reiki healing session can last anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes. To begin, as soon as you arrive, we arrange for a conversation between you and a Reiki healing expert so that you can explain what you want to get out of the session. For those who are unaware, the healing experts we have on staff can assist you with a variety of issues including health, career, legal issues, and more.

The practitioner will ask you to lie down on the table as the Reiki healing session begins. Reiki may or may not involve touch, depending on the practitioner's ability to stimulate your mental faculties. However, it is common for the practitioner to use gemstones during the procedure.

Reiki healing crystals are placed around your body to attract positive energy (which is why gemstones are worn as rings) and to aid healing.

You can always talk to the practitioner and tell them how you're feeling right now, even if it's not necessary, because it helps them figure out what to do next. You can tell them about any bodily sensations you are experiencing. You will feel lighter as the session progresses. The stiffness in your body will disappear, and your energies will align. You'll feel stronger and more energised to face any negatives that come your way. And as you relax, you'll have more ideas for things to do after the reiki session.

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If we had to define the benefits of Reiki healing, there are a plethora of them that will only encourage you to participate in the session.

  • Reiki Healing Aids in the Treatment of Pain, Fatigue, and Anxiety
  • Reiki Aids Sleep is beneficial to one's health and can help to alleviate depression.
  • Reiki Aids In The Body's Self-Healing Capabilities Being Accelerated
  • Reiki Aids in the Enhancement of Your Relationship
  • Reiki also helps in Physical Healing

Reiki Healing FAQs

Reiki is a safe practice. The reiki practitioner will just try to heal by deepening your energies, so it would not have any ill-effects.

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