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What is Kundli?

The Kundli, or birth chart also can be called janam Kundli is a visual representation of the navagraha (nine planets), nakshatras, and other important astrological aspects at the time of one's birth. In layman's terms, a Kundli (or horoscope) is an astrological chart used by astrology practitioners to gain insight into a person's personality and life. A person's birth Kundli depicts the exact location of various planetary bodies at the time of his or her birth. Astrologers regard the birth Kundli as a vital document that aids them in comprehending and explaining the various events that occur during a person's lifetime.

Get free Kundli online

Fill out the form below with your birth date, time, and location to generate your free janam Kundli. Online software can be used to create free online Kundli. This free Kundli software gives the user the highest level of accuracy. Making a free Kundli online has never been so simple. This Kundli software generates a free kundli online for you based on your date of birth and time.

What to take care of while getting free Kundli?

It is critical to enter accurate personal information when creating a free online Janam Kundli. To get your Kundli report, make sure you enter the correct date and time of birth. Free Kundli analysis by date of birth and time to help you prepare for life's challenges.

Janam Kundli is never the same for two people. The positions of the planets at the time of a child's birth determine the child's entire life course of actions and fate. An astrologer, or jyotishi, or nowadays, an online Kundli, is consulted first for horoscope or Janam Patrika/Kundli making — first, to determine an auspicious name, and then to find out its Janam Kundli predictions. Based on a person's birth date and time, the Janam Kundli charts the course of their life and events. The Kundli can be thought of as a snapshot of the heavens and planets at a specific point in time.

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Importance of Kundli

Kundli is an astrological chart based on an individual's exact date and time of birth, as well as his or her birthplace. The positions of various signs, planets, the Sun, and the Moon are determined by this chart. The astrological aspects and significant information of a newborn child are also revealed by the Kundli date of birth and time. Kundli creation is a difficult task that requires the assistance of an expert astrologer. The rising sign and ascending status of the individual, or native, will be calculated by the astrologer using the local time and place of birth. The chart reveals information about a person's personality, as well as his or her past, present, and future.

A Kundli prediction report is made up of a detailed Kundli analysis that can predict good and bad times, or phases, for the native to act on.

Kundli matching can also be used to find the ideal marriage partner.

Apart from that, the Janam Kundli can be used to understand the planetary transits in various signs throughout the day, month, and year. The planets' positions in your Kundli reveal a variety of events and possibilities. An astrologer can predict a native's future by looking at the Janma Kundli and the planetary view contained therein. This is done using Vedic Astrology's time-tested principles.

What constitutes Kundli?

Indian Astrology defines several aspects in a Kundli. These include:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Rahu
  • Ketu
Rashi/Zodiac Signs
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • First House: Appearance and personality (Lagna/Tanu Bhava)
  • Second House: House of Wealth/Finance and Family (Dhan Bhav/ Kutumb Bhav)
  • Third House: Communication, Siblings, courage (Sahaj Bhav/ Prakram Bhav)
  • Fourth House: Mother and her impact (Sukh Bhav)
  • Fifth House: Children and Knowledge (Santan Bhav)
  • Sixth House: Enemies, Debts, and Diseases (Shatru Bhav/ Ari Bhav)
  • Seventh House: Relationships, Marriage, contracts (Vivah Bhav)
  • Eighth House: Death and incarnation (Ayur Bhav)
  • Ninth House: Luck, Higher mind Father, and Religion (Bhagya Bhav/ Dharam Bhav)
  • Tenth House: Career or Profession (Karma Bhav)
  • Eleventh House: Different roles undertaken in life (Kama Bhav/Labha Bhav)
  • Twelfth House: Expenditure & Losses (Vyay Bhav)

Also, there are 27 Nakshatras, some of them are- Ashwini Nakshatra, Bharani, Nakshatra, Krittika Nakshatra, Rohini Nakshatra, Mrigashira Nakshatra.

The combined influence of all these aspects and further minute details, an astrologer can determine many important facets of your life, like your behaviour, characteristics (first house, house of self), your marital life, spouse (seventh house), your career (tenth house), and so on. Moreover, with the help of your lagna or ascendant house and Lagna sign (the sign posited in the first house of the Kundli), one can determine which planets have the most sway over you, which planets and their transits are beneficial for you, and which ones are malefic.

Benefits of online astro Kundli

Making a Kundli online and getting a free Kundli analysis is a common and popular way to get future predictions nowadays. When prepared by learned and experienced astrologers who can accurately predict your future and traits, an online free janam Kundli analysis proves to be very reliable and helpful.

Making a Kundli online can be beneficial in a variety of ways:

  1. An astrologer can most accurately predict your future with the help of online Kundli prediction.
  2. You can choose the most suitable career option, one that is in harmony with your personality, based on the placement of planets in your Kundli.
  3. It has the ability to provide you with detailed information about your personality traits, relationships, marriage, career, finances, and other aspects of your life.
  4. It can assist you in locating your lucky gemstone, lucky colours, and lucky numbers, all of which can help you achieve success and happiness in various aspects of your life.
  5. A Kundli can not only tell you about your future, but it can also help you find solutions to your problems.
  6. The doshas Mangal Dosha and Kaal Sarp Dosh are highlighted in Kundli so that they can be resolved with the Dosha Nivaran Puja.
  7. A Kundli also predicts favourable and unfavourable life timing. To help you become a better person, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  8. A Natal Chart shows and warns you about diseases and adversities that may affect you in the future.

Information provided by Kundli chart

Your Kundli provides you with information on a variety of topics, including:

  1. Your moon and sun signs, as well as your lagna (ascendant) and other important details. Planets and their positions have an impact on you.
  2. To assist you in moving forward in life, you will need information about yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Various doshas (mangal dosha, kaal sarp dosha) and how to get rid of them in your Kundli.
  4. Planets that are benefic and malefic, as well as ways to appease them.
  5. Today's predictions, as well as remedies for a better life, are all included in your daily horoscope.
  6. Your spouse's information, love life, married life, and more.
  7. Predictions regarding your finances and ancestral property, as well as measures and times for better investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quite common nowadays to have your Kundli created and an analysis performed online. When created on a reputable website, an online Kundli report can prove to be extremely reliable and useful. On Astroliv, you can now easily get your Kundli made and matched.

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